Poem for Friday 29th

slight throbbing in my head
hello friend
hello continuity
jazz saxophone
hello playful thought battle hero
hello dream of silence
hello memory of bliss
ash and gravel voice
hello sinking out of tension
hello wondering whatever
the Skids
hello something new

whirring computer fan
hello three weeks later
distant car door
hello silent Sunday after the gales
slight throbbing in my head
hello overthinking
hello forcing myself to write
hello goodbye



Poem for today

HowWeWorkThis morning I didn’t feel like I had shown up, so I wrote this.


Set out to show up with intentions for yourself
Show up for yourself
Don’t pave the way to hell
Set intentions you can fulfil
Wonder aimlessly why you do not

Set out to show up for yourself
Show up

Get a handle on your priorities
Make a to do list
Improve your time management
Put time management and priority setting
on your to do list
Do things

Get a handle on your motivations
Plan your rewards
Don’t reward yourself if you don’t
intend to do your to dos
Celebrate your successes
Don’t call yourself a failure

Aim to be motivated
Intend to be prioritised and time managed
Show up with a to do list
Focus on your intentions and successes
Set aims and objectives you can believe in
Pull your weight

Fake it till you make it
Focus on the goal
Motivate yourself
Plan your successes
Reward your priorities
Intend to do lists

Object to time wasting and loss of productivity
Set out to show up for yourself
If you fail to intend
Be motivated by the stack of paving
you didn’t lay
to Hell
Show up